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The Story

A love struggle between the front and back of house

In the restaurant industry, there are two houses. The front consisting of anyone who willingly looks you in the eyes, smiles, and brings you a cocktail. These are the people that love being the center of the show. They love to see the joy on peoples faces. they strive for it. Then there's the back of house. These are the always inspired, the almost always vulgar, and the people who prepare your food and wash your dishes. Most people stick to one or the other, but I'll be honest with you. I just can't choose. I am a classically trained chef, and a badass bartender. They are all my people! So I am proud to bring you Maeve's Mobile Cocktail Hour! All of my love and passion for both houses: Great passed and stationary snacks/apps, and custom cocktails/mocktails for any event! Combine it with a super funky classic trailer-turned bar, and you have the perfect cocktail hour.

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