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Owner Mellissa Walls

Meet Mellissa

When life gives you lemons, you open a mobile bar

I'm what they refer to in the industry as "a lifer". I love this industry. I started at my first restaurant job around my 16th birthday. I was a hostess at one of those very popular, "flair style" restaurants. You know the type. But it was there that I fell in love. I knew then that I was meant to be in this industry. I worked my way through the Front of House, but I was always curious about what was going on behind those big metal doors in the kitchen, so I eventually went to culinary school. I graduated from Central New Mexico Community College, (the same curriculum as another very expensive French school, with a much smaller price tag.) I've been chefing/bartending ever since, and I've loved every moment. Every burn, every lesson, every martini shaken. 
Unfortunately, life has a funny way about her. Last year, I suffered a fairly traumatic leg injury. I can't chef and tend bar like I used to. There are many directions I could've gone. But sometimes you need to listen to the signs that the universe has given, and take a plunge. So, my friends, here's Maeve. I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed building her!

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